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The AutoCAD Electrical App on the iPad: Electrifying Mobility for You Everywhere

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    This class focuses on the newly launched AutoCAD Electrical software app, the features available, and workflows to achieve the most effective results. We will illustrate the user workflows, from AutoCAD Electrical software desktop to the AutoCAD Electrical software app. Users will gain a clear understanding of the steps needed to get their own projects uploaded and viewed on the go with the mobile app. Project Manager and surfing are key functionalities available on the mobile app, and we will take a closer look at both of them and how users can capitalize on these useful features. As the app is built on the AutoCAD 360 platform, there are commonalities in both apps. Users will get to experience the power of mobility with the Autodesk 360 cloud-computing platform and its convenience over traditional printed paper. Not only does the app give you access to digital-rich content, but you can also download it to the device for offline usage when disconnected from the Internet and at off-site remote locations.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to open AutoCAD Electrical software projects (WDP) and navigate the project folders and drawings hierarchy via the Project Manager
    • Learn the surf functionality to quickly view parent-child relationships and peer-connected electrical components
    • Learn how to utilize the offline support available in the AutoCAD Electrical software app to access drawings and functionality when disconnected
    • Learn to capitalize on the Autodesk 360 platform and be fully empowered on the go while collaborating with project team members via the app