Lecture    AC6775
AutoCAD 3D Design from Concept to Completion
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Capitalize on your knowledge of 2D to create 3D models entirely in AutoCAD software. In this class you will learn how to take your ideas from concept to completion by creating and editing solid objects; creating smooth, free-form shapes using meshing tools; and using the power of surface modeling. We will look at the differences between history-based and non-history-based solids, and we'll see how models can automatically update when you modify underlying curves or parameters. You will also learn how to control selection and editing with sub-object selection filters, and you will glean valuable tips and tricks for navigating and visualizing your AutoCAD software 3D models. If you thought 3D in AutoCAD software was just too hard, think again.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to create 3D models by combining basic shapes to create more complex objects
  • Learn how to use meshes and surfaces to create organic shapes
  • Learn how to modify 3D models using sub-object selection and underlying curves
  • Learn how to convert between solids, meshes, and surfaces




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