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Assessment Methodology for a New Learning Pathway at the National University of Singapore

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    Design-centric curriculum (DCC) is an alternative learning pathway that was established 2 years ago at the National University of Singapore (NUS) in response to the increasing demand from the industry for engineering graduates who are able to think creatively, define problems, and work across disciplines in a multidisciplinary team. Design-thinking as a technique to develop innovative solutions to a set of problems defined by the students forms the backbone of the curriculum. This alternative curriculum consists of students working in a team on a multi-year, multidisciplinary project that is the main learning vehicle in DCC and is aimed at developing certain desired traits in our students. We will cover the types of formative and summative assessment that were developed by the DCC team to assess the achievement of our students, and we will share with the audience our philosophy, methodology, and experience in the development of the assessment method that was adopted.

    Key Learnings

    • Describe the learning culture of Asian students
    • Describe aspects of an assessment method for team-based projects
    • Develop an assessment methodology to monitor the progress of student achievement in a team-based project