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Roundtable    PL12103-R
Assessing the Total User Experience with Autodesk PLM 360
Autodesk University
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The purpose of this session is for customers to discuss their overall experience with Autodesk PLM 360 software, from initial product discovery through trial and implementation to the support and renewal process. The goal is to identify problem areas where customers may struggle and identify opportunities for improvement. This roundtable session enables customers to convey their struggles faced while getting the product up and running and discuss HOW they did it.  Furthermore, it’s a great opportunity to network with other PLM 360 customers and a chance to discuss use cases and product wishes/improvements with the user experience team.

Key Learnings

  • Discover the struggles that other customers experienced getting Autodesk PLM 360 in production
  • Discover solutions that customers found to get around obstacles and problems
  • Discover opportunities for improving the experience and touch points
  • Collect recommendations and collectively discuss best practices


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