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All You Want to Know About Items in Vault Professional

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    In this class you will learn about enhancements to Items and Bill of Materials area in Vault Professional 2015 including the basics about creating items and editing BOM in Vault to support for Long-lead items, re-using items, editing Position Number, using Vault items in CAD BOM, etc. In this class you'll also learn about using more advanced Item & BOM capabilities such as Item Lifecycles, Multiple BOM Rows, BOM Row Properties, BOM Reports, etc. that are introduced in Vault Professional 2015 R2 release.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to create items and BOM in different scenarios, including long-lead items
    • Learn how to administer and use lifecycles with items
    • Learn how to administer and use BOM row properties
    • Learn how to administer and use BOM reports