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Alias Blend Curves and the New Freeform Curve-Blend Tool
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Misused, misunderstood, and misaligned. Alias software’s Blend Curves have many characteristics that are not understood by even some of the best Alias software users, let alone users new to the software. Learn how they really work, what the little icons at the Blend points mean, and how to use them. Are you really getting the continuity that you think you are, or is the Blend Curve actually misaligned to the surface you just attached it to? Our focus will be on single-span Blend Curves that are used to create transition surfaces. We will compare the Blend Curve tool to the new Freeform Curve Blend tool. Fully understand the capabilities and nuances of the Freeform Blend Curve tool. This class applies to all surface work, from concept through production class “A” for any design—whether it’s product development or automotive. This session features Alias AutoStudio, Alias Automotive, and Alias Surface.

Key Learnings

  • Learn where to select on surfaces to get the Blend Curve alignment you want
  • Know when to use geometric curvature and parametric curvature—it matters
  • Learn how to edit multiple Blend Curves simultaneously
  • Understand the new Freeform Curve Blend tool


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