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Adopt BIM360/ACC in 4 companies using innovative change management methods

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    <p>Effective cultural and organizational change adoption has become a core competency for firms, in today&rsquo;s rapidly changing AEC industry. Within VolkerWessels Infrastructure we drive digital transformation to our 4 divisions with a central digital program. In this class we will show how we used a proven changemanagement methodology in a specific adoption approach, in order to implement and adopt BIM360/ACC as a new cloud platform. The adoption approach is based on ADKAR, a changemanagement methodology by Prosci. This enables us to pay attention to communication, sponsors, resistance, instructions, coaching and the return on investment of the change. The effect is digital transformation, improved operational excellence and more 'bang for buck' from IT investments, in Cloud technology like BIM360/ACC. This make change and adoption one of our core competencies. We adopted BIM360/ACC efficiently and successfully in our organization by increasing the aspects of ADKAR to the target audience.</p>

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to create an adoption strategy using a proven changemanagement method
    • Learn how to conduct stakeholder analysis, identify your promotors and criticasters
    • Learn how to create a program of adoption activities in order to improve ADKAR to various changes
    • Adopt tooling on integral (big) projects with speed, efficiently and successfully with up to 10% increase in productivity