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Additive-Manufacturing Topology Optimization Workflow Using Within and Netfabb
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The new capabilities of additive manufacturing (AM) have given many industries the capacity to print complex designs in many different materials. The benefits include customized products; improved performance with weight reduction; and the reduction of materials, manufacturing time, and assembly cost. This session will give you an overview on how Within software and Netfabb software can help you achieve these benefits. We’ll look at how to capitalize on Within software to create optimized component design using lattice-based optimization while following machine constraints. The goal is to preserve structural performance while lightweighting a part without violating design or AM constraints. We will also look at how Netfabb software provides quality control on the final part, providing support generation and slicing data for the AM machine targeted. This session features Netfabb and Within.

Key Learnings

  • Learn the workflow for Within in the AM process
  • Learn the workflow for Netfabb in the final AM process
  • Learn how to incorporate machine constraint during optimization
  • Learn how to prepare geometry for additive manufacturing




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