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May 29, 2024

AU Learning Pages by Industry, Focus, and Professional Role

 Learning is part of the job for everyone these days. But what exactly you need to be learning depends on what you do, what industry you work in, and what your focus is for the future. Because industries are changing, roles are changing, and priorities are changing all the time—in ways both large and small, expected and unexpected.   At AU, we’re all about helping you find the learning that matters to you and your goals. That’s why we’ve created AU learning pages. On these pages, you’ll find curated sets of classes, articles, Theater talks, and main stage sessions that can help you sharpen you... READ MORE >
April 23, 2024

Call for Proposals Closes Soon

 What’s the workflow? What’s the insight? How can you help other professionals design and make in smarter, more sustainable ways? How can you help lead the way for your industry through your professional practice?   Call for Proposals for AU 2024 is open now—but it closes April 30, so now’s the time to get your proposal cleaned up and submitted.    READ MORE >
April 9, 2024

AU 2024 Call for Proposals: Demystifying the Session Formats

 Call for Proposals for AU 2024 is now open, and if you have an idea for a session, we want to hear it!  Once you have your idea, the next question is: what session format is best? It all comes down to the kind of knowledge you want to share and the learning experience you want to create.    READ MORE >
April 2, 2024

AU 2024 Call for Proposals Is Open

 How are you connecting design and make processes and finding new ways to do more with your project data? How are you using AI and other new technologies to accelerate processes, expand design possibilities, and make insights about final outcomes a key factor in early-phase design? How are you driving better results for your bottom line while improving outcomes for people, communities, and the world?  Call for Proposals for AU 2024 is now open. It’s time to share your discoveries, discuss your workflows, and help peers and partners to find new ways to adapt to the disruption that we all face. ... READ MORE >