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October 15, 2019

The New Community Zone at AU Las Vegas 2019

AU Community

We want to welcome you to a new awesome space we’ve created in the Hub this year at AU Las Vegas called The Community Zone, where you’ll be able to connect with people from our Autodesk Community team, learn more from the people behind the Autodesk groups listed below, and more. Experts will be available to talk about which Autodesk customer Community groups might be the best fit for you and show you how to get connected.

You can also join one of our “lightning talks” on the Community Stage to hear more about opportunities to learn, contribute, advance your career, network, and succeed with Autodesk.

Plan to stop by the Community Zone and say "hi" when you’re in Las Vegas this year. Come by between classes, Theater presentations, meetups, and whatever else is on your schedule. And don’t worry. This isn’t a place for sales pitches or pushy conversation; it’s just a great space to connect, engage with others, and learn more about our Autodesk Community.

Community Zone Groups
(Click group name to learn more.)

Autodesk Group Network
Autodesk Services Marketplace
Expert Elite
Autodesk Forums
Autodesk Knowledge Network
AU Community
Autodesk Admin Community
Autodesk Feedback Community