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May 12, 2021

Generative Design and Hyundai’s New Ultimate Mobility Vehicle

John Suh
Dr. John Suh, VP of New Horizons Studio at Hyundai, presenting at the AU 2020 Design & Manufacturing Keynote.

Maybe you remember the Hyundai Elevate from AU 2020? Described as an ultimate mobility vehicle (UMV), it’s a concept car that can stand up and walk when it needs to cross difficult terrain. A combination of automotive design and advanced robotics, the project earned Hyundai’s New Horizons Studio an Autodesk Excellence Award for Innovator of the Year.

Now the Elevate is getting a younger sibling. The TIGER X-1—short for Transforming Intelligent Ground Excursion Robot—is a smaller, unmanned concept vehicle that, like the Elevate, can roll on wheels or stride on foot to deliver a payload wherever it’s needed. Whether used for rescue operations or research, it can go where people can’t—even on other planets and moons—and intelligently navigate its surroundings, as Car & Driver reported.

Autodesk is working as a partner on the project, which is being designed in Fusion 360. To optimize the legs of the TIGER for greater strength and reduced mass, the New Horizons team is using the generative design capabilities in Fusion 360, as well as support for advanced manufacturing workflows including additive manufacturing.

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