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October 27, 2022

All the Announcements from AU 2022: What’s New and What’s Ahead


Autodesk University 2022 in New Orleans was an amazing event. And there was a lot of news that came out of it. Check out all the big announcements: 



Autodesk is introducing three industry clouds: 

  • Autodesk Forma will unify BIM workflows for teams who design, build, and operate the built environment.  
  • Autodesk Flow will connect media and entertainment workflows, data, and teams across the entire production lifecycle from earliest concept to final delivery.  
  • Autodesk Fusion will connect manufacturing data and teams across the entire product development lifecycle from top floor to shop floor 
  • Autodesk Platform Services, previously known as Forge, will be the foundation for all three industry clouds, with a set of cross-industry APIs and services formerly known as Forge. 

Get more details from ADSK News and read Andrew Anagnost’s article about our platform future in Redshift. And you can watch the full General Session Day 1 or General Session Day 2 anytime. 



For Admins and BIM Managers 

  • Usage reporting is part of standard subscriptions  
  • Admins can now re-assign subscriptions and remove users in bulk 
  • Premium subscriptions will now include coaching sessions 
  • The Solution Adoption Advisor will automatically generate custom action plans.  


Architecture, Building Engineering, and Civil Infrastructure

  • Epic Games and Autodesk have joined forces, making the design phase even more immersive with gaming-quality graphics, and improve real-time experiences for contractors during the construction process. As part of this, all Revit subscribers have access to the Epic ecosystem and Twin Motion. 
  • We’re introducing Info360 Plant, which expands the insights of the Info360 platform to water and wastewater treatment facilities with cloud-based analytics. It will help plant operations teams deliver clean water, reduce their carbon footprint, mitigate operational risks, reduce expenses, and manage compliance. 
  • We’re extending the value of Tandem’s powerful digital twin technology for facility operations. Customers can now connect Tandem to operational systems and data to create a digital twin that provides insights for reducing cost and improving occupant experiences. The Public Beta is coming soon. 
  • You can share data between Inventor and Revit for seamless BIM and MCAD workflows and use a web app to produce downstream artifacts like drawings, project plans, and more. And we have new functionalities to increase interoperability, including an Inventor add-in to author and publish a Revit template, and a Revit add-in to discover and customize Inventor models with iLogic-driven parameters. 
  • We’re introducing a new connector to make it easier to share data between Revit and Rhino and expanded this data exchange connector to include Microsoft Power Automate, which builds automated business processes that can share data between many different apps. 
  • We will support USD and IFC as open formats.  
  • We have improved functionality and accuracy of 3D topography modeling in Revit. 
  • Soon all alignment, profile, and surface data from Civil3D will be available in the cloud as granular data. 
  • Coming Soon: A new and improved Desktop Connector for Civil 3D, so you can get access to your Civil 3D projects and models on a web browser on your home device. 
  • Advanced Electrical Design is a new extension in Revit that helps engineers design electrical systems using renewable energy sources. Lay out power sources, equipment, and loads of a project’s electrical system programs and generate load letter reports or cable schedules using automated real-time calculations. 
  • AutoCAD has a new recommendation engine called Macro Advisor that suggests macro automations to accelerate work. 
  • With the new AutoCAD Web subscription, you can review designs from a mobile device or laptop and collaborate with the office through the Trace feature.  
  • Autodesk Assistant for AutoCAD is an AI-powered support tool ready to help or connect you to a support technician. 
  • The new My Insights feature provides recommendations to enhance your productivity based on how you use Revit.  
  • The new Archibus and Autodesk AEC Collection Bundle tightly integrates BIM, operations, and workplace software for centralized data management.  
  • We’re developing real-time sync capabilities between Revit and Twinmotion. 

Learn more at ADSK News.  


New capabilities are coming to Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC).  

  • You’ll be able to create custom and shared dashboards for executives. 
  • The Bridge Tool allows users to control what they share across projects and accounts. 
  • Parameters Services centralize parameter definitions in the cloud. 
  • Virtual Big Room is an online community that connects people to share best practices and trade tips. 
  • Mesh files, such as from Recap, can be saved directly into ACC.  
  • Cloud-first Sheet Set Manager lets you generate docs in ACC. 
  • Scheduling and Cost Management functions of Autodesk Build have been enhanced. Build users can reply to an RFI by email even if they have no license for the software.  
  • Users can now create different RFI types and choose between workflows, automating the review process.  
  • The Submittals tool has new custom workflow functions. 
  • In Schedule Management, you can notify key stakeholders when a new version of the schedule is published.  
  • We’ve added a new ProEst integration for estimating.   
  • We’ve made enhancements to EarthCam. Live jobsite cameras now automatically give detailed AI-powered reporting w/ live imagery direct to Autodesk Build. Synched live camera streams are meshed with digital twin models, allowing users to pan, tilt, and zoom to reveal architectural details and see model alignment. And new reporting features include weather, AI-based object detection, equipment tracking, and safety analytics, and you can send actionable reports to Autodesk Docs. 
  • New feature: Model property breakdown. Now BIM managers can create views that focus on specific project elements instead of dealing with an entire model. 
  • New feature: Model-based workflow. Teams can link models directly to the assets tool and extract data directly from the model. Viewers can see the asset information in the model itself. 
  • Coming Soon: BIM managers will be able to save custom model views directly from BIM Collaborate to dedicated mobile folders in Docs. 
  • PlanGrid Build Mobile App eliminates the info gap and enables faster decision making. 
  • The Assets feature in Build allows users to extract assets and model properties directly from designs in ACC.  
  • There’s new symbol detection in Autodesk Takeoff.  
  • We introduced new Customer Relationship Management integrations in BuildingConnected.  
  • With Unified Tracking and Resolution, an issue raised in Build is immediately available in Revit or Navisworks. 
  • Watch the Construction Session from AU 2022.   

Learn more at ADSK News.

Product Design & Manufacturing 

We have new enhancements to Inventor, including:

  • Better graphics performance and improved interactive experiences.
  • A new Finish feature that lets you document manufacturing processes within your design.
  •  A new interface that lets you send Inventor files directly to Fusion.
  • A new set of PCB layout and schematic editing tools.
  • You can share data between Inventor and Revit for seamless BIM and MCAD workflows and use a web app to produce downstream artifacts like drawings, project plans, and more. And we have new functionalities to increase interoperability, including an Inventor add-in to author and publish a Revit template, and a Revit add-in to discover and customize Inventor models with iLogic-driven parameters.

We have new enhancements for Vault collaboration:

  • Thin-client search, shared views, and project sync.
  • Vault data is now available anywhere, anytime, and can sync with Fusion for automated track changes and design history.

We have new enhancements to Fusion 360, including:

  • A new extension for PCB performance and signal integrity analysis powered by Ansys.
  • A new machining extension for toolpath creation using ModuleWorks and 5-axis control capabilities.
  • New partnership with Makersite that enables a new plug-in for multi-criteria sustainability analysis in Fusion 360.
  • NC programming automation for CloudNC so you can optimize your machining strategy.
  • A new configuration that allows a central cloud information model to control the entire lifecycle of a product.
  • A new interface for sending Inventor files directly to Fusion (also have this noted in Inventor news).
  • Automated modelling that provides AI-driven model recommendations.
  • Coming soon: automatically create part designs and generate drawings.
  • Fusion data will be accessible anywhere, anytime, on any device – no more being tethered to a workstation.

Learn more at ADSK News.

Media & Entertainment 

  • Maya Creative launches, designed to make content creation more affordable for artists working in smaller studios. It’s a cost-efficient option for freelancers, or small teams who don’t need the tools required for large production workflows. 
  • Moxion is a new camera-to-cloud solution that makes all data captured on set instantly available in the cloud.  
  • Deeper integration with Unreal Engine allows artists to stay within Maya and see their work in the context of the final experience.  
  • Maya Unreal Live Link eliminates the need for manual file import and export. 
  • You can now enhance your BiFrost Pipelines with custom nodes. 
  • Coming Soon: Create volumetric effects with much faster representation in the viewport. 
  • We acquired Radical, a cloud-based AI solution that captures movement without a mocap suit. 
  • We’re open-sourcing RV review technology within ShotGrid, so you can review hi-res images and sequences in real-time and compare versions while collaborating. 
  • Coming Soon: All our products will handle USD data natively. 
  • We’re investing in open standards for look development, color management, editorial timelines, and more. 

Learn more at ADSK News.  

Autodesk Platform Services

  • The new Model Properties API opens new access to model data.  
  • The new Fusion Data API offers greater data granularity with Fusion models. 
  • The new Data Exchange API enables greater interoperability.  
  • We’ll soon be launching the Autodesk Developer Hub, a one-stop shop for all developer resources.  
  • We’ll be launching The App Developer Partner Program, which helps get you noticed in the app store and beyond. 
  • We’ll soon be launching the Influencer Program for Developers, a chance to build your reputation as a platform services expert.  

Watch the Forge Developer Session from AU 2022 to learn more.