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Resilience in the Face of the Construction Industry's Hardest Year

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Resilience in the Face of the Construction Industry's Hardest Year

The construction company of the future is being forged now


Pandemics, recessions, and other global crises test the resilience and adaptability of all businesses—and construction companies in particular. These periods of challenge can also be periods of tremendous opportunity for companies that have a willingness to transform, along with the culture, tools, and strategy to make it happen. Allison Scott shares how, during the recession of the late 2000s, even while many construction companies went out of business, BIM adoption soared from 28% to 70% among the ones that survived. And while the pandemic lockdown of 2020 was another major disruption to business as usual for the AEC industry, companies that were able to support remote working, flexible scheduling, and virtual inspection have thrived. In fact, data-driven approaches have helped resilient companies offer new services and grow in new ways. According to a report by McKinsey & Company, companies accelerated digital adoption during the pandemic, accomplishing what would have taken five years in a mere eight weeks in the spring of 2020. The construction industry of the future is being forged now and can emerge stronger from the pandemic, with the right tools in place and the willingness to transform.

About the speaker

Allison Scott serves as director of Construction Thought Leadership and Customer Marketing at Autodesk, where she leads an international team focused on construction solutions. She comes from a diverse background of marketing, management, technology, design, energy, and the arts. 

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