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Maximizing BuildingConnected to Enhance Your Digital Bid Process

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    During the COVID-19 pandemic, the construction industry had to restructure the way we kept our business thriving. Preconstruction is an essential phase of all projects, and limitations to in-person bid openings forced the industry to reevaluate how to conduct bids. Tools such as BuildingConnected are changing the way we conduct the bidding process and connect with subcontractors. We will discuss how construction firms can benefit from a digital, streamlined bidding process and a real-time construction directory, while fostering relationships with all stakeholders and minimizing risks for future projects.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about how digital bids are improving the preconstruction phase
    • Learn to navigate BuildingConnected's user interface
    • Learn how to set up projects and create a team, as well as bid packages and digital bid forms
    • Learn how to maximize the largest real-time construction network and conduct a virtual BIM opening