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See what people are saying about Fusion 360


Modbot uses Fusion 360 for creating custom robots

Modbot aims to make robotics accessible to everyone using modular components that enable inventors to pick and choose the parts they need to create a custom robot.
"The project files we’ve set up mean our animator in Sydney and our prototyping facility in China can both see it and update in real time."

Video: 2:59 min.

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Backhand Bikes

Backhand Bikes designs, tests, and fabricates bike parts in Fusion 360

Backhand Bikes owner Jeff Hooper uses Fusion 360 on his Mac to design, test, and manufacture meticulously designed bike parts.
"As someone really mechanical," he says, "I was very interested in the toolpath. … model-to-setup is really fluid."

Video: 5:55 min.


Shoe insole designed to capture energy generated while walking

SolePower is developing an insole that will generate power just by walking. Among many options, this could provide up to 2.5 hours of talk time on your phone after just an hour of walking.

Video: 2:54 min.


Fusion 360 powers portable wind turbine design

WindPax is changing the way we create power with durable, lightweight, and easy-to-use wind turbines.
"We use Fusion 360 to communicate with the manufacturer. … We can render things to look photorealistic and send this off to investors or people interested in buying the product."

Video: 2:37 min.

INDUSTRY creates the first connected, 3D-printed bicycle

Industry, a design consultancy, created the first connected, 3D printed titanium lifestyle bike for a competition to create the ultimate urban utility bike.
"What’s great about Fusion 360 is that you can go quickly from a sketch to something that you can 3D print."

Video: 2:18 min.

Packed Pixels uses Fusion 360 to design and prototype a second laptop screen

Packed Pixels uses Fusion 360 to design and prototype a portable dual-monitor setup for laptops.
"The great thing about Fusion is to be able to go back into the history and make a change. In SketchUp that would have been a nightmare."

Video: 6:55 min.

Orphanage Guitars uses Fusion 360 to design custom guitars

What started as a design exercise for an industrial designer and engineer turned into a real business using Fusion 360 to create custom electric guitars.

Video: 2:56 min.

How product design student Erica Nwankwo uses Fusion 360

Erica Nwankwo is using Fusion 360 to create devices for the hearing impaired.

Video: 34 sec.

Adam Mugavero is designing eyewear with Fusion 360

Adam Mugavero is using Fusion 360 to create his own brand of eyewear sculpted from wood.
"Fusion [360] has informed me to what manufacturing is and how it works, how the program allows a machine to be able to cut out the idea."

Video: 2:35 min.

Creating a better world using Fusion 360

See how the Fusion 360 community is creating a better world—from water purification to solar lamps.

Video: 2:50 min.

Jewelry designer uses Fusion 360 and 3D printing to create unique pieces

Jewelry designer for Lumitoro is using Fusion 360 and 3D printing to create unique wearable pieces.
"For 3D printing it was really important to go into solid modeling … the T-Splines makes it possible."

Video: 6:22 min.

Product designer taps Fusion 360 for unmanned aerial devices

Stan Hisel designs unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) that help track the migration of geese in Colorado.
"It has to be aerodynamic, … it has to look good, … it’s an engineered product," says Hisel. "You have to be able to make parts fit together. Fusion 360 has everything you need to do that."

Video: 34 sec.

How mechanical engineer David Perry uses Fusion 360

"With Fusion 360 we are able to all look at the same files and leave feedback for each other."

Video: 37 sec.