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Oru Kayak

Oru Kayak designs and manufactures easily transportable folding kayaks

Oru Kayak revolutionizes the kayak industry by creating easily transportable folding kayaks. They're using Fusion 360 throughout their entire product development process – from initial design sketch to manufacturing.

Video: 2:25 min.

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Coalesse creates thoughtful furnishings for the modern workplace

Coalesse, a division of Steelcase, has standardized Fusion 360 across its organization to create office furnishings with the ultimate goal of maximizing collaboration in the workplace.

Video: 3:21 min.

Backhand Bikes

Backhand Bikes creates specialty BMX bike parts

Backhand Bikes owner Jeff Hooper makes aluminum products for the BMX bike industry. He uses Fusion 360 to generate the right geometry to test and machine specialty parts to and to create photorealistic visualizations to bring more sophisticated products to market.

Video: 1:03 min.

Asius Technologies

Inventor of in-ear monitor iterates on safer earbud for musicians

Stephen Ambrose and his team at Asius Technologies are pioneering a new kind of earbud using Fusion 360. Their design seals off the ear with a tiny inflatable "second eardrum" that absorbs harmful pressure, giving listeners a richer, louder sound while also protecting their hearing.

Video: 1:55 min.

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David Escobar uses 3D printing to improve physician training

Healthcare Simulation Specialist, David Escobar uses Fusion 360 to 3D print models for training physicians in laprascopic surgical procedures.

Video 1:16 min.

Stickybones uses Fusion 360 to create stop-motion puppets for animators

Stickybones uses Fusion 360 to realize their vision of a tabletop stop-motion puppet that helps animators solve their storytelling challenges in a fun, hands-on way.

Video: 2:42 min.

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SandFlo Golf designs and fabricates custom putters.

SandFlo golf uses Fusion 360 for end-to-end product development to create custom golf putters. The cloud, collaboration and the community combined have allowed Johan to bring his ideas to life.

Video: 1:50 min.

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Livrea Yacht Italia uses Fusion 360 to revisit traditional Italian boatbuilding

Livrea Yacht Italia takes a new approach to traditional sailing vessels, combining the traditional artisanal elegance of Italian boatbuilding with cutting-edge digital design and 3D printing.

Video: 1:55 min.

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Grovemade creates one of a kind wooden desktop speakers

Grovemade designer Joey Roth uses Fusion 360 to create a new set of wooden desktop speakers using a mix of maple and walnut wood.

Video: 2:32 min.

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Orange County Chopper's uses Fusion 360 to create an all-electric bike

OCC designed and fabricated a one-of-a-kind all-electric bike completely using Fusion 360

Video: 2:37 min.

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Bright Agrotech creating low-cost farming equipment

Rapidly growing agriculture technology startup uses Fusion 360 to model parts and visual concepts to create hydroponic equipment for people who want to start their own farms or farming cities.

Video: 1:09 min.

VENA aims to create water out of air

VENA Water’s Tim Perry is developing an atmospheric water generator for use in remote areas that don’t have access to power or clean water. VENA uses parametric modeling in Fusion 360 to adjust specs in the entire model quickly and leverages the tool to tie together all the steps in the design process.

Video: 1:06 min.

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Floatility makes urban mobility easier for everyone

German start-up Floatility designed a network-enabled electric vehicle, perfect for short distance transportation. Fusion 360 allows their dispersed team to work on the same development model from an initial design idea all the way to production.

Video: 1:51 min.

Wearality uses Fusion 360 to quickly iterate on smartphone headsets for wearable systems

Wearality, creators of a wearable system for smartphones, used Fusion 360 throughout their entire process—from idea to prototype in just a few hours. By iterating quickly, Fusion 360 allowed them to keep costs down and quality high.

Video: 1:22 min.

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Keyboardio uses Fusion 360 to design customizable ergonomic keyboards

Keyboardio uses Fusion 360 to design a hackable ergonomic keyboard. Fusion 360 allowed the team to design a comfortable key layout and custom-sculpted keycaps with LED lights under each key switch. Users can customize this open-source and fully programmable keyboard to fit the way they work.

Video: 1:50 min.

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Danielle Trofe Design innovates sustainable lighting solutions

Danielle Trofe Design incorporates innovative technologies and material sciences into the design process to create beautiful and sustainable lighting. Fusion 360 streamlines the ability to model/export products quickly and visualize prototypes via 3D printing, and allows the design process to scale to grow the business. 

Video: 1:16 min.

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agrilution uses Fusion 360 to develop a connected vertical farming system

agrilution is designing the plantCube—an innovative vertical farming ecosystem that aims to give anyone in the world access to fresh, healthy, and local food all year round.

Video: 1:30 min.

Nüwiel’s intelligent bike trailer makes it safe for you to carry cargo with your bike

Nüwiel has used Fusion 360 to create a bike trailer that is safe, carries its own weight, drives itself and can be easily hitched on to any bike.

Video: 2:38 min.

Shoe insole designed to capture energy generated while walking

SolePower is developing an insole that will generate power just by walking. Among many options, this could provide up to 2.5 hours of talk time on your phone after just an hour of walking.

Video: 2:54 min.

Scriba reinvents the digital stylus

Scriba's stylus with "squeeze motion" technology enables greater control and a more satisfying creative experience.

Video: 2:15 min.

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HoneyPoint3D is teaching people about 3D printing with Fusion 360

HoneyPoint3D, which started as a retail storefront, has taken its experience teaching people about 3D printing into a new business model providing online and live 3D printing educational workshops using Fusion 360.

Video: 2:30 min.

KMP Motorsports specializes in drivetrain components for the motorsport industry

Netherlands based, KMP Motorsports uses Fusion 360 as an all-in-one solution to bring innovative products to motorsport industry faster.

Video: 2:42 min.

Modbot uses Fusion 360 for creating custom robots

Modbot aims to make robotics accessible to everyone using modular components that enable inventors to pick and choose the parts they need to create a custom robot.

Video: 2:59 min.

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BBoxx provides reliable energy to the developing world

BBoxx designs, manufactures, distributes and finances plug and play solar systems to provide energy solutions to off-grid communities.

Video: 2:00 min.

INDUSTRY creates the first connected, 3D-printed bicycle

Industry, a design consultancy, created the first connected, 3D printed titanium lifestyle bike for a competition to create the ultimate urban utility bike.
"What’s great about Fusion 360 is that you can go quickly from a sketch to something that you can 3D print."

Video: 2:18 min.

Karmic Bikes uses Fusion 360 to make modern electric bikes

Karmic Bikes founder Hong Quan creates a modern electric bike that combines the joy of riding bikes and provides an alternate form of transportation for commuting in major cities.

Video: 30 sec.

Adam Mugavero is designing eyewear with Fusion 360

Adam Mugavero is using Fusion 360 to create his own brand of eyewear sculpted from wood.
"Fusion [360] has informed me to what manufacturing is and how it works, how the program allows a machine to be able to cut out the idea."

Video: 2:35 min.

Jewelry designer uses Fusion 360 and 3D printing to create unique pieces

Jewelry designer for Lumitoro is using Fusion 360 and 3D printing to create unique wearable pieces.
"For 3D printing it was really important to go into solid modeling … the T-Splines makes it possible."

Video: 6:22 min.

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