Pinnacle Infotech Solutions, Madurai - sustainable campus design with BIM


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Image courtesy of Pinnacle Infotech Solutions

A global leader in BIM projects and environmental sustainability

Pinnacle Infotech Solutions offers Building Information Modeling (BIM) solutions to Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC) firms globally. They have successfully executed BIM projects in 43 countries spread across 6 continents.

Pinnacle Infotech Solutions (PIS) Global Delivery Center at Madurai in India is an ambitious project which has the potential to reshape the landscape of construction practices and environmental sustainability. It has emerged as a testament to innovation, fuelled by the adoption of Autodesk technology.

PIS Madurai - Lobby area

PIS Madurai 
Photo courtesy of Pinnacle Infotech Solutions.

PIS Madurai- Global Delivery Centre

PIS Madurai (Phase 1) is a state-of-the-art production centre built at a cost of INR 200 Crore in India. The campus features a cutting-edge Production Centre, an expansive 800-seating cafeteria, an engaging Activity Centre, a well-equipped Playground, a dynamic Learning Hub, and a spacious Open-Air Theatre & Auditorium. Together, these facilities create an environment conducive to innovation, collaboration, and growth. Nestled within the undulating terrain, the site posed its own challenges. Weathered rock soil and scarce topsoil made it an inhospitable ground for thriving vegetation. The landscape's barrenness was evident, sparse grass and stunted trees being its sole inhabitants. However, Pinnacle Infotech's vision was unshakeable. They saw potential where others saw barrenness, and they embraced Autodesk tools to transform the land.

PIS Madurai - Lobby area

PIS Madurai Campus
Photo courtesy of Pinnacle Infotech Solutions.

Autodesk’s BIM tools to achieve sustainability and biodiversity goals

Armed with Autodesk BIM 360 Glue and Revit, the team went through a world of possibilities. The software allowed them to navigate the treacherous terrain with precision, analysing every contour, every gradient. With this newfound insight, they crafted a landscape that not only stabilized the land but also beckoned the greenery to flourish.

But this wasn't merely about aesthetics. Sustainability was the main aspect of the project. PIS Madurai's campus became a testament to the power of sustainable design. Embracing the ethos of connected BIM, the project adopted matrices that meticulously tracked material usage, reducing wastage. It was a declaration of war against resource inefficiency.

The most remarkable achievement was the preservation of over 60% of the site's natural flora and fauna. A verdant canyon area stood as a testament to their dedication to biodiversity. And as the existing ecosystem thrived, the need for extensive landscaping dwindled, sparing precious resources.

PIS Madurai
Photo courtesy of Pinnacle Infotech Solutions.

Biophilic and energy-efficient office space with Autodesk’s BIM tools

Inside the campus buildings, the biophilic office space approach flourished. The interiors resonated with nature, fostering well-being among the occupants. The buildings themselves became conduits between the inside and the outside. Nature, light, and air flowed seamlessly, diminishing the reliance on artificial lighting and ventilation, a nod to energy conservation.

Infrastructure, too, was a lesson in fluidity and inclusivity. Ground levels were crafted to be accessible, welcoming every individual. The production building emerged as an architectural marvel. The two identical wings embraced transparency, letting daylight into every corner. This design strategy enhanced natural daylight penetration and reduced the need for excessive artificial lighting during the day.

Sustainable campus

Autodesk was the silent catalyst behind this transformation. The use of BIM 360, Navisworks, and Revit bridged gaps and united stakeholders. Collaborative tools fostered real-time communication, while 4D building information modelling turned scheduling into an art of precision. As the campus emerged, the accolades followed. 

Platinum ratings from IGBC marked its dedication to environmental stewardship. But the true achievement was the shift in mindset. The project not only built structures but also challenged the conventions of the Indian AEC industry. It was a clarion call for innovation, a plea to embrace technology for a brighter, greener future.

A masterpiece of collaboration, sustainability, and progress

In the end, PIS Madurai's Global Delivery Centre stood as a testament to the symbiosis between human ingenuity and technological prowess. It transformed barrenness into abundance, challenges into opportunities. Autodesk tools were the architects' brushes, painting a masterpiece of collaboration, sustainability, and progress.