AutoCAD Preview Guides: What’s New in the Latest AutoCAD Release?

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As the AutoCAD Technical Marketing Manager, I’m tasked with creating the AutoCAD Preview Guide. These guides describe the software’s new and enhanced features, helping you decide whether to upgrade and helping you get up to speed when you do.

The AutoCAD Preview Guides go back as far as AutoCAD 2004 so if you’re upgrading from an old version of AutoCAD, you’ll want to review all the Preview Guides since your last release. Keep in mind that some functionality may have changed since we published those older Preview Guides, but most of what you read will still apply.

Each AutoCAD Preview Guide is typically 40-50 pages long but don’t let that deter you. They include many images to help illustrate the changes to AutoCAD.

You can refer to the AutoCAD Help System and other AutoCAD online resources for more details.

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