What’s New in AutoCAD 2023? Floating Windows, Trace, Count, and 3D Graphics Enhancements and Improvements

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In the final installment of our “What’s New in AutoCAD 2023” series, we’ll take a look at the new enhancements and improvements for floating windows, Trace, Count, and 3D graphics in AutoCAD 2023.

Floating Windows

Floating windows have become a popular feature in AutoCAD. In the latest version, we answered a frequent request! Floating windows now have their own command lines. The command line is also available in any active window. There are even more improvements, including how the windows display and pinning a window. Learn more in the “What’s New in AutoCAD 2023: Floating Drawing Windows” topic.

Floating Windows AutoCAD 2023


New enhancements to Trace build on the initial release. You can now create traces from the AutoCAD desktop as well as the web and mobile apps. Collaboration is even easier with the ability to contribute to traces created by others as well as add and view contributions. Learn more in the “What’s New in AutoCAD 2023: Trace” topic.

Trace AutoCAD 2023

New Commands

TRACEEDIT – Changes the active trace to edit mode so you can contribute to the trace.

TRACEVIEW – Changes the active trace to view mode so you edit the parent drawing.


AutoCAD 2023 brings new enhancements to Count with further automation. Now, you can count instances of an object or blocks within a specified area. Added functions in the Count toolbar allow you to select counted objects, use arrow keys to move to previous or next counted object, and directly insert a count field to a table or text. Learn more in the “What’s New in AutoCAD 2023: Count” topic.

Count AutoCAD 2023

New Commands

COUNTAREA – Defines the area to count the instances of an object or block.

COUNTAREACLOSE – Cancels the count selection area.

SELECTCOUNT – Finds all objects within the current count that match the properties of the selected objects, and then adds them to the selection set.

Changed Commands

COUNT – Counts and highlights the instances of the selected object in the drawing.

3D Graphics

AutoCAD 2023 includes the new, cross-platform 3D graphics system, leveraging all the power of modern GPUs and multi-core CPUs to offer a smooth navigation experience for much larger drawings. Now you can render 3D objects up to 10 times faster than before when using the shaded, shaded with edges, and wireframe visual styles. Learn more in the “What’s New in AutoCAD 2023: 3D Graphics” topic.

3D Graphics AutoCAD 2023

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