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Plex-Earth Lite AutoCAD

For many years, Plex-Earth has brought incredible new advantages to AutoCAD through their innovations with satellite imagery. Now, they’ve done it again!

Plex-Earth Lite is their newest offering—and it’s completely free. Plex-Earth Lite provides anyone, anywhere in the world a realistic, geographical view of their project area via Google’s satellite imagery without any cost.

By importing and aligning Google Maps View directly inside your AutoCAD projects, you can deliver a new level of visibility and knowledge. That means saving time and money by avoiding potential rework and mistakes. You can also provide clients with a more detailed, clear look at how the design fits into the environment and the location in relation to other key features or landmarks.

According to the company, Plex-Earth Lite uses the satellite images from Google and then:

  • Easily aligns and scales Google Maps with your viewport area as a background, which you can toggle on or off
  • Zooms and synchronizes Google Earth with your AutoCAD drawing
  • Creates placemarks, paths and polygons directly from within your drawing
  • Offers ability to import single elements with a simple copy-paste from Google Earth
Plex-Earth Lite Screenshot

“When I created Plex-Earth my aim was to build something other engineers could use freely. Not just a free trial but simply for free, without restrictions,” says Lambros Kaliakatsos, CEO and Founder, Plex-Earth. “It feels completely right to release Plex-Earth Lite, both as a continuation of Plexscape’s ‘Punch the Pandemic’ initiative—and going beyond! The pandemic is mostly behind us, but it still feels right to help the world’s engineers for free. So we’re doing exactly that!”

You can download Plex-Earth Lite for free in the Autodesk App Store. A full tutorial is also available to help you get going right away to use Google Maps in AutoCAD.

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