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AutoCAD Design for the Future Webinar

Curious as to how you can make sure you’re at the vanguard of the design world? Sign up for the AutoCADDesign for the Futurewebinar, which will be presented live on July 19th (2pm Eastern/11am Pacific) by our own Heidi Hewett!

What You’ll Learn in the AutoCAD Design for the Future Webinar

3D scanning technology is quickly becoming more affordable and mainstream. In this session you’ll learn how to jumpstart your designs by referencing existing conditions into your AutoCAD drawings. We’ll share real-world examples of how this technology can be used to persuade stakeholders, save time, and minimize costs.

  • See how point cloud data is captured in the field and easily processed for access in AutoCAD using ReCap Pro.
  • Explore some of the simple ReCap tools for navigating and editing point cloud files.
  • Learn how to bring that point cloud data into AutoCAD to accurately measure, create, and document your new designs.

3D scanning is the future. Don’t be left in the past!

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