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A new integration with Dropbox will be available beginning November 27th for AutoCAD and Dropbox users that allows anytime, anywhere access to DWG files. This integration reflects our continued intent to help ease workflows, making it as easy as possible to design and make anything.

“By integrating more closely with Dropbox we’re giving users and teams even more power to create, design and make amazing things,” said Rob Maguire, vice president, AutoCAD Family Products. “We’re committed to delivering a seamless experience to creative professionals, architects and engineers through this integration.”

Improving Workflows Across AutoCAD

If you are a Dropbox user, you’ll be able to open your DWGs that are stored in Dropbox directly into the AutoCAD web app – no download or install required!

The AutoCAD Dropbox Extension enables you to access your files from anywhere and get to work without disruption. As an AutoCAD and Dropbox user, you can keep your projects on track by saving them in one place. When you save the drawing in the AutoCAD web app, it saves to Dropbox, so you’ll consistently have up-to-date files.

How to Use the AutoCAD Dropbox Extension

When you navigate through your Dropbox files online, you’ll notice that you can hover over a DWG to reveal the “Open with” menu. Select the AutoCAD (web app) from the menu to view and edit your drawing. AutoCAD will launch in a new tab, so you can login and get straight to work.

AutoCAD Dropbox integration

We are excited to continue to develop integrations and provide you with the most efficient workflows.

Try out the AutoCAD Dropbox Extension and the AutoCAD web app here.

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