Meet the New Autodesk Assistant in 2024.1 and More 

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AutoCAD 2024.1 and AutoCAD LT 2024.1 are now available, and with it we’ve made some important updates you’ll want to be sure to check out. And if you’re already eager to get the latest machine learning capabilities that AutoCAD has to offer, open the Autodesk Access application to start your update while you read this post.

Access Autodesk Assistant Within AutoCAD 

The AutoCAD Help system has been an invaluable resource for users and is consistently updated by our teams to provide the latest product documentation including new features, tips and tricks, and step-by-step guides. Now with AutoCAD 2024.1 and AutoCAD LT 2024.1 you can access this resource and more from within the workspace using the new, built-in, Autodesk Assistant palette. 

With this tool, you’ll be able to ask the guided self-service assistant questions you have, related to AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT and the design challenge you’re having, and be presented with a curated set of support resources that can help you find the right solution. You can navigate and view suggested resources directly within AutoCAD and the Autodesk Assistant will take note of resources you’ve read, making it easier to revisit material you were previously suggested. And you can also quickly expand on the results to further narrow down your query.  

If the suggested resources are not suitable for your question, depending on your account type, the Autodesk Assistant will give you the option to chat directly with an available support agent from within AutoCAD—so you can continue to be productive while you wait and communicate with our team. Select accounts will also have the ability to request a call back at a convenient time or submit a support case using the Autodesk Assistant—giving users the opportunity to attach files that give the Autodesk support team more context specific design queries.

The Autodesk Assistant and support resources are currently available for users to navigate in English, German, and Japanese versions of AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT. No matter how you choose to use this guided self-service tool, you’ll experience a more streamlined approach to finding solutions quickly, so you can continue to focus on your design work and stay productive. 

Visit the Autodesk Online Help to learn more about the Autodesk Assistant and share feedback within the tool. 

Collaborate With Markup Import and Markup Assist 

With the release of AutoCAD 2024 we introduced a series of updates, including enhancements to Markup Import and Markup Assist, and we haven’t stopped there. Now in AutoCAD 2024.1, we’ve made updates to further enhance your experience and streamline collaborative workflows. 

With the latest update, the next time you open the Trace palette you’ll see a new interface that allows you to quickly create new Trace layers so that you can suggest revisions to a file without requiring another tool. This is great for sharing and gathering feedback with members of your team directly within your DWG file, without having to worry about interrupting workflows or making unintended edits. 

For the members of your team that prefer to share feedback in other ways, Markup Import and Markup Assist will have you covered. Using Markup Import, you’ll be able to gather feedback from PDFs containing comments and markups onto a new Trace layer and convert the text into editable elements in your DWG using the Markup Assist. For the collaborators on your team who prefer to handwrite their feedback on printed copies or on their tablets, you can import the images they send with Markup Import to align it with the DWG. AutoCAD’s Markup Assist, using the power of machine learning, will do its best to identify their scribbles as text, instructional text, strikethroughs, and revision clouds, so you can quickly incorporate their feedback. And if they’ve included doodles, you’ll be able to quickly toggle the transparency and pretend it was never there. 

For more step-by-step examples be sure to check out the new Try: Markup Import and Markup Assist and Trace articles in AutoCAD Help. 

Update to AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT 2024.1 Today 

If you already started your update at the beginning of this post, you should be one step closer to trying these features out for yourself. If you haven’t, you can get started with the Autodesk Access application on your desktop. If you are not yet a subscriber, be sure to check out free 30-day trials of AutoCAD 2024, AutoCAD LT 2024, and AutoCAD Web

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