Infrastructure Week 2016: Time to Invest

point cloud bridge modeling

Infrastructure Week (May 16 – 23) is now underway in the United States. This is a great chance for civil engineers, utility designers, urban planners, and other professionals to get educated about, and advocate for, the critical infrastructure issues impacting our population. So keep an eye out on Twitter for Tweets with the #infrastructurematters hashtag. Check out the Infrastructure Week calendar of events.

And get into the spirit of things with a few of our favorite resources from around the web.

The cure for aging roads and bridges

A new article on Autodesk’s Line//Shape//Space describes how technologies like GPS, GIS, 3D modeling, 3D printing, and drones, and—possibly—less taxpayer money can fix America’s aging roads and bridges.

Civil Construction Infrastructure Week

Civil construction is being disrupted by digital

Now’s the time to check out these other great Line//Shape//Space articles:

Designing for the new age

We’re pretty proud that Autodesk software is used to build bridges, design railways, engineer utilities, and more—and we love to highlight how our users are bringing new designs to life. Check out this Paul Dorroh-designed EMS, Fire, and Police station.

Do you have a cool infrastructure project you’re proud of? You can tell us how you used AutoCAD® software to make the idea a reality when you add your project to the Autodesk Gallery.

Using point clouds for bridge models

Are you a designer working in the bridge industry? Or do you want a better understanding of how point clouds can be used to create existing 3D geometry? Final question: Got 20 minutes? Then you’ve got time to sit in on this recorded Autodesk University 2015 class.

point cloud bridge modeling

From point clouds to surface models

“Surface Modeling—Creating Accurate Bridge Models Using Point Clouds,” presented by Benjamin Coady and Chris Bargent, is a great place to start to learn about surface modeling. The 21-minute course covers the process of converting original scan data into a useable format, as well as the ins and outs of importing and manipulating data within AutoCAD.

Infrastructure Week: Make the Investment

To round off our celebration of Infrastructure Week, we leave you with this great infographic by the American Society of Civil Engineers.

infrastructure investment

Courtesy of the American Society of Civil Engineers

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