Essential Guide to AutoCAD Classes and Events at AU 2021

AutoCAD classes events AU 2021

It’s almost time! Autodesk University 2021 begins on October 5. It’s a completely free, digital conference—and there’s plenty of awesome AutoCAD sessions and events to attend. Be sure to register first to start building your schedule.

And if you can’t make a class, never fear! All classes will be on demand for you afterward.

Here’s a quick AutoCAD guide to AU 2021 to get you started.

AutoCAD Keynote

The AutoCAD keynote helps to kick off day one of AU 2021. Join Mimi Hoang, Vice President of Cross-Industry Strategy, and Rob Maguire, Vice President of AutoCAD Family of Products, as they discuss how we’re accelerating innovation with AutoCAD to help you adapt and achieve better outcomes faster. Learn about the power of technology platforms and how the future of CAD can help you unlock the new possible through greater automation, better efficiency, and improved insights. Add to your schedule here.

AutoCAD keynote AU 2021

Events With the AutoCAD Team

One of the best parts of AU has always been the chance to meet the AutoCAD team one-to-one and participate in sessions where they can share new developments for the product. It’s equally important to the team so they can hear about what’s working, what’s not, and answer your questions. Here are a few ways you can connect and learn more.

“My Insights” in AutoCAD: Overview and What It Means for the Way You Work
Maximizing machine learning and data science, the My Insights feature for AutoCAD software provides personalized recommendations and insights tailored to each user’s unique AutoCAD usage. This session with members of the AutoCAD team will provide an overview of how this exciting new feature turns data into insights, and what that could mean for the way you work. Add to your schedule here.

AutoCAD Markup and Collaborative Feedback Briefing
The AutoCAD team is innovating and building new methods to automate workflows and decrease the amount of time spent drafting based on markups. Join this session to learn how to increase your efficiency and improve collaboration on markups and feedback. Add to your schedule here.

Ask Me Anything: AutoCAD – General Questions
Ask the AutoCAD team about anything you would like to know. We will be sure there is a representative from engineering, product support, and the team leadership. Seating is limited; add to your schedule here.

Ask Me Anything: AutoCAD Family of Products – Install and Licensing
Come with questions or problems you are facing with install or licensing. Seating is limited; add to your schedule here.

Ask Me Anything: Technical Drawing Issues for AutoCAD
Here’s your chance to ask an expert about technical issues. Seating is limited; add to your schedule here.

Classes and Instructional Demos

There is an incredible variety of classes to choose from this year. The list below just scratches the surface.

AutoCAD Tips, Tricks, and the Most Dependable Drafting Techniques
Sit down, buckle up, and keep your hands on your keyboard for the fourth installment of the top-rated on-demand class of Autodesk University 2020 by Autodesk Expert Elite member Donnie “The CAD Geek” Gladfelter. After a challenging year that disrupted many established workflows, the focus for this installment is dependability.

AutoCAD: Take AutoCAD on the Road and Go Mobile!
Shaun Bryant will show you how to take your CAD projects on the road, utilizing the cloud and the AutoCAD web and mobile apps—the mobile and browser-based versions of the classic AutoCAD desktop software.

Understanding the New AutoCAD—One AutoCAD with Seven Toolsets
Shaun Bryant will also take you through the benefits of the toolsets available in AutoCAD, demonstrating how to use the toolsets and make them available to your AutoCAD design team.

Down the Rabbit Hole: AutoCAD Customization and Task Automation
Lee Ambrosius will provide you with a basic, high-level introduction to features and programming languages you can use to customize and automate workflows in AutoCAD, along with resources for getting started.

Bridging the Gap: Extending AutoLISP with .NET
During this additional class with Lee Ambrosius, you will learn how to create basic commands for AutoCAD software, and discover functions that you can use with your existing AutoLISP routines.

Making the AutoCAD Web App Work for You
Learn from the AutoCAD web app team about how you can apply the AutoCAD web app to your daily life. Along with a brief history of the AutoCAD web app, topics will include storage providers, current features, connectivity with the rest of the AutoCAD family.

Standards for Developing Standards: A How-To for Busy CAD Managers
Curt Moreno will show you a framework that includes understanding when it’s right for you to create standards, identifying which standards are needed, and deploying your new CAD standards. Learn a tried-and-true process that you can put to use, regardless of how busy you are.

Connecting Your AutoCAD Workflows to the Cloud Using Autodesk Docs
With the redesign of the start tab in AutoCAD 2022 software, users can easily access project data in the cloud using Autodesk Docs and Desktop Connector for Autodesk Docs. However, not everyone knows where to start. This session will cover the essentials of how to get started and be comfortable when collaborating with AutoCAD.

Professional Tips and Techniques Using the Sheet Set Manager in AutoCAD
This class will focus on professional tips and techniques you can use while using the Sheet Set Manager. Sam Lucido will do a deep dive into the commands and settings and all components of the Sheet Set Manager, covering more than 50 tips that will help you increase your productivity.

Drawing from Experience: CAD Management Through a Pandemic and Back Again
In 2020 and 2021, CAD managers have been tested as never before as the world changed seemingly overnight and as we now navigate the changes back to “normal.” This award-winning panel is back to discuss these timely topics and more. Learn from the experiences of this panel of diverse CAD managers who are widely respected as leaders in their field.

BOMs Away! Part 2: Managing Bills of Materials in AutoCAD
Wait, what? You can create a bill of materials (BOM) in AutoCAD software? In this class, Mike Thomas will explore the options for creating a BOM in AutoCAD and the embedded tools within the Mechanical toolset.

Build Your Schedule

Make sure to head over to the full session catalog or the AutoCAD Industry Highlights page and build your schedule now. Note that regional learning and networking sessions will follow the October 5th kickoff as follows:

  • October 7–8: EMEA and APAC
  • October 13–14: East Asia

We can’t wait to virtually see you at AU 2021!

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