The Command Line in the AutoCAD Web App Is Here

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We are excited to announce that the command line has arrived in the AutoCAD web app. The command line was the number one requested feature to add to the AutoCAD web app—you spoke, and we listened. With the introduction of the command line, it’s now easier than ever to work like you’re used to, from anywhere.

AutoCAD web app move command line

Command Line Expands Functionality

With the AutoCAD web app command line, which works similarly to the command line in AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT, simply type commands and get drafting.

The command line enables additional functionality. Not only can you use commands, but you can also use sub-commands allowing you to do more with the web app. For example, you can add and subtract area while measuring areas; you can use continuous dimensions during the DIM command. Want to specify a radius for FILLET or use a keypad input to specify dimensions for a rectangle? Now you can!

AutoCAD web app fillet command line

Get to work with the AutoCAD web app today. Log in to and work efficiently on the go.

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