Celebrating World Water Week

World Water Week: KickStart International

Did you know it’s World Water Week? This annual event in Stockholm tackles the pressing issues around the world’s water supply. World Water Week is organized by SIWI, whose vision is a world where water is shared and allocated sustainably, equitably, and efficiently to meet everyone’s basic needs.

World Water Week: KickStart International

At Autodesk, we’re proud to support a number of organizations focused on getting people access to safe water. One of these organizations that has specific ties to AutoCAD is KickStart International.

KickStart International designs, promotes, and markets low-cost irrigation pumps for smallholder farmers in Africa. By adopting irrigation, farmers are empowered to end their dependence on unreliable rainfall, grow more crops, start new businesses, secure their food needs and livelihoods, and take a major step out of poverty.

KickStart International’s use of AutoCAD and Simulation Mechanical to design the irrigation pumps was also recently featured on another Autodesk blog property, Line//Shape//Space.

You can also read about KickStart International over on Autodesk Foundation’s “Stories of Impact.”

Are you attending this year’s Autodesk University in Las Vegas? We’ll make a US$25 donation to either Water for People (also supported by the Autodesk Foundation) or KickStart International on your behalf—just opt out of your free gift (an AU backpack) and choose your organization.

The Autodesk Foundation will match your contribution, making it even more impactful.

World Water Week: KickStart International

Read more about Water for People and how clean water in developing countries affects women and, if you haven’t already, register for Autodesk University 2016.

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