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Have you checked out the AutoCAD mobile app yet? If not, what are you waiting for? This free subscription benefit is what you need to bridge the field/office gap, reduce delays, improve collaboration, and go paperless in an environmentally conscious world.

The Benefits of the AutoCAD Mobile App

Have you ever been out in the field staring at a paper copy of a file that just doesn’t match up to what your eyes are telling you? By accessing and working with all of the latest files in the field—the very same files the home office is using—the AutoCAD mobile app bridges the disconnect that can occur when out-of-date printed files are taken onsite need to reflect the latest changes in the digital files at the office. After all, how many times have you received a phone call from someone onsite that contained the phrase “Can you email me the latest copy of blank”?

Benefits of the AutoCAD Mobile App: TabletRight now, most offices print out a set of plans, roll them up, carry them into the field, mark them up with red pens, and then bring them back to the office to review the changes with someone else who was not in the field—only for that second person to open the CAD file and make changes. With the AutoCAD mobile app, small changes can be made in the DWG file itself. Plus, you can take notes that can be viewed by those in the office in almost real time. Not only that, by using design feed, photos and movies can be inserted in the DWG file itself and used to further clarify field conditions.

AutoCAD Mobile gives you the best collaborative experience—not only between those in the office and the field, but even your office and clients. You can let anyone who needs to pull up the DWG file on their phone or tablet keep up with changes and statuses. And, of course, without the need to carry around rolls and rolls of plans, we take another step toward the mythical “paperless office.”

Benefits of the AutoCAD Mobile App: Who Can Benefit?

Get Started With AutoCAD Mobile

Downloading AutoCAD mobile is as simple as searching for it in the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, or Windows Store. Remember, if you’re on subscription, you can access all of the AutoCAD mobile app’s features for free right now. Not on subscription? Not a problem. Start your 7-day free trial now to see all the can’t-miss features.

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