Autodesk University Las Vegas 2016 Registration Now Open

Las Vegas USA. Autodesk University international conferences 2016

When it’s AU, what happens in Vegas definitely doesn’t stay in stay Vegas. No. It stays with you all year long. And it can supercharge your career: the one you’ve got now, or the one you’ve set your sights on. Even—or especially—the one you’re about to glimpse for the very first time.

Autodesk University Las Vegas 2016 registration is now open. (Does that seem early to you? That’s because the conference schedule has been moved up two weeks compared to last year’s.) Ready or not: AU Las Vegas 2016 is November 15 – 17 at the swanky Venetian Las Vegas resort.

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There’s more information below, but let’s start with this:

Register by October 9 and save US$425!

There are other reasons to register early, like making sure you can get…

  • Las Vegas USA. Autodesk University international conferences 2016The classes you want. There are 800+ classes to choose from—but with 10,000+ attendees the classes will fill up fast (especially, according to some unwritten law of the universe, the ones you really really want).
  • The hotel you want at the discount you want. We’ve reserved some deals for you but they, too, will go pretty fast.
  • The flights you want at the price you want. This is Las Vegas! Everybody wants to come here!

And of course…

  • The Early Bird AU pass discount mentioned above.

There’s also special pricing for students, educators, and groups.

AU Vegas 2016: All you need to know about all you need to know

Come for three days packed with expert instruction, inspiring keynotes, exposure to breakthrough technologies, networking with peers, and getting schooled in the Future of Making Things. Plus plenty of opportunities to mix, mingle, and enjoy.

For all the details, visit the AU Las Vegas 2016 website.

You can also…

If that all sounds good, you really should try to win a free pass.

Autodesk University AU Las Vegas 2016 Free Pass


We’ve done this a few times before, so we have a pretty good idea what’s on your mind.

For answers, check out the FAQ.

Here are the kinds of things you’ll find…

  • Event: What’s the theme, who’s giving the keynotes, what about sustainability, etc.?
  • Classes: Where can I find an overview, what’s a “tailored” experience, are classes recorded, etc.?
  • International attendees: How do I obtain an entry visa, what if I need an invitation letter, etc.?
  • Registration: What’s the cost, who can I bring, how do I attend the Leadership Forum, etc.?
  • Live streaming AU: Who can watch it, what are the technical requirements, etc.?
  • AU mobile app: What can I do with it, when can I download it, etc.?


Register by October 9 and save US$425!

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