Looking for Training or Help with Customization? Look No Further Than the Autodesk Services Marketplace

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Autodesk Services Marketplace

As an AutoCAD subscriber, you likely turn to the Autodesk Knowledge Network, various forums and blogs (including this one!), the Autodesk Help team, and a variety of other social channels to find answers to your questions, troubleshoot, and improve your workflows.

However, there may be times when you’re looking for help with customized training, hands-on assistance, support with workflow optimization, or general technology services. Autodesk just released a new way to find the help you’re looking for—called the AutodeskServicesMarketplace.Autodesk Services Marketplace AutoCAD

The Services Marketplace connects you—the Autodesk subscriber—to hire help from professional, third-party service providers, offering choice, convenience, and local help in one place. Once you select a provider based on industry, product, location, or type of service needed, the scheduling, payment, and terms of the project stay directly between you and the service provider.

Maybe you’re just getting up to speed with the industry-specific features in the specialized toolsets or you want to customize your workflow with Autodesk Exchange apps—now there’s a way to find customized help and training. Read more aboutthenewoffering and get started today.

Autodesk Services Marketplace AutoCAD

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