AutoCAD 2018 for Mac Now Supports macOS Mojave

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In case you missed it, AutoCAD 2018 for Mac now supports the new macOS Mojave!

AutoCAD 2018.2 for Mac and AutoCAD 2017.3 for Mac are now available, with both updates supporting Mojave. You can download these releases in the Accounts portal. Customers can also find an in-product announcement in AutoCAD 2018 for Mac and AutoCAD 2017 for Mac.

AutoCAD Mac Mojave

AutoCAD for Mac works with Mojave’s new Dark Mode appearance, provides better stability, and integrates with all the cool features Mojave provides.

We are committed to providing you the latest AutoCAD for Mac that supports each newly released macOS in real time.

If you already have AutoCAD 2018 installed on Mojave, you can choose to install the patch for AutoCADforMac and AutoCADLTforMac. If you need to fully install/re-install AutoCAD 2018 on Mojave, please choose the 2018.2 full version of AutoCADforMac.

Have specific questions about AutoCAD for Mac? Visit the forums to explore popular topics and get your questions answered.

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