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Fantastical illustrations. AutoCAD AEC News: Helping Shape a Better World

Is AutoCAD a workhorse? A thoroughbred? A trick-riding pony? As you’ll see in these cutting-edge AutoCAD AEC news stories, it’s all of those things. Because unlike many current celebrities, famous for being well-known, AutoCAD is famous for helping the visionary roll up their sleeves and get to work—whatever their design work may be.

AutoCAD AEC News: “Fantastical” Illustrations

Per her Facebook page, Fabiola Morcillo Núñez is an architect from the University of Chile. Drawing under the name “1989,” Núñez uses architectural tools to build “fictitious and imaginary spaces based on Asian architecture and pop art.”

Fantastical illustrations. AutoCAD AEC News: Helping Shape a Better World

METABOLISM. Image Courtesy of Fabiola Morcillo Núñez

Go to ArchDaily and read:

These Fantastical Architectural Illustrations Are Made Using AutoCAD

AutoCAD AEC News: Six Open Source Architecture Projects

The goal of open source architecture is to make architectural designs and documentation available for use in other projects. Love it or hate it, it’s a sign of the times and here to stay. Of the six projects described here, one—by Elemental, an architecture studio created by Chilean architect Alejandro Arevana—published the DWG files for four of its public housing projects under Creative Commons licenses.

Image by

Image courtesy of

Go to and read:

Six Open Source Architecture Projects to Check Out

AutoCAD AEC News: Automating 2030 Commitment Reporting

Speaking of open source architecture … Bonus! This news item doesn’t involve AutoCAD per se but could affect just about everyone in the building trades—and beyond. With a carbon-neutral future in mind, Autodesk and the American Institute of Architects (AIA) have enabled the automation of AIA 2030 Commitment data reporting from energy analysis software directly to the Design Data Exchange. The open API can be used by any energy modeling software vendor.

Image courtesy of Informed Infrastructure.

Image courtesy of Informed Infrastructure.

Go to Informed Infrastructure and read:

AIA and Autodesk Introduce New Feature to Automate 2030 Commitment Reporting Data

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