Joining Us Down Under? AutoCAD Gets the Spotlight at AU Australia 2016

Sydney Australia. Autodesk University international conferences 2016

Planning to attend Autodesk University Australia next week (August 18-19)? Do you spend a lot of time inside AutoCAD and AutoCAD 360? You’re in luck. AutoCAD and AutoCAD 360 get the star treatment at next week’s conference. Just consider: On day two of the conference you could take an AutoCAD or AutoCAD 360 class during every scheduled time slot of the day, from beginning until end.

The AU Australia 2016 agenda is no accident, and highlights how AutoCAD has continually evolved to remain “the design tool of choice” for so many in the industry. Check out the brief course descriptions below to see what we mean or peruse the complete AU Australia 2016 agenda.

Sydney Australia. Autodesk University international conferences 2016

AU Australia 2016 AutoCAD and AutoCAD 360 Classes

  • Be inspired by AutoCAD: Recent versions of AutoCAD are easier to use, more intelligent, and greatly enhance connectivity and collaboration for huge productivity and efficiency gains.
  • AutoCAD Top Hits: No AU would be complete without an AutoCAD “Tips and Tricks” class. Includes the latest for AutoCAD 2016 and 2017.
  • AutoCAD 360—Design Every Detail, Everywhere: New AutoCAD 360 features make it easy to take your office into the field. View, modify, and update native DWG files directly from a tablet.
  • Mastering AutoCAD in the Cloud Era: Leveraging cloud services and online resources—Autodesk Knowledge Network, Forums, the AutoCAD Blog, ATCs, and more—amplifies AutoCAD capabilities.
  • Expanding AutoCAD Beyond the Desktop to Empower Your Small Business: AutoCAD 360 works with the latest tablet and smartphone technology to take AutoCAD in entirely new directions.
  • Autodesk General: AutoCAD Customization Boot Camp Basics: Most AutoCAD users fine-tune the software for the kind of work they do, and the way they do it. Each of them had to start somewhere.
  • Autodesk Professional Certification: Offered to conference registrants for the following Autodesk products: AutoCAD, 3ds Max, Inventor, Maya, and Revit.

Is Australia just a little too far?

Maybe you’re not able to make it to Australia, or the conference left you hungry for more. Lucky you again. You can find an AU international conference somewhere in the world every week or two until mid-December. Check out the list of upcoming conferences below—or get a complete list of 2016 AU conferences by visiting AU International Conference Season Heats Up.

South Korea: Seoul, August 23, 2016

South Korea. Autodesk University international conferences 2016

Learn about AU South Korea 2016

South Africa: Cape Town, September 1, 2016

South Africa. Autodesk University international conferences 2016

Learn about AU South Africa 2016

India: Mumbai, September 1, 2016

Mumbai India. Autodesk University international conferences 2016

Learn about AU India 2016

Japan: Tokyo, September 8, 2016

Tokyo Japan. Autodesk University international conferences 2016

Learn about AU Japan 2016

Brazil: São Paulo, September 13-14, 2016

Sao Paolo Brazil. Autodesk University international conferences 2016

Learn about AU Brazil 2016

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