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AU Learning by Focus and Industry

Explore AU learning and thought leadership based on your industry and professional focus.  

AU 2024

Design better buildings in better ways. 

See what’s possible with the design tool that started a revolution. 

See how Autodesk Platform Services (APS), formerly Forge, can help you access and use your design and engineering data via the cloud. 

Develop your skills and support your company with the right tools, training, and inspiration.   

Discover new approaches for better infrastructure. 

How we build matters. Explore new approaches that use data and emerging technologies to build more efficiently and more sustainably.  

Explore design and engineering case studies and tutorials.

Build your skills with emerging technologies like automation and generative design and explore the jobs of the future.  

Discover new possibilities in media, entertainment, and visualization.  

New technologies and processes are creating new possibilities for manufacturing.  

Discover new ways to design and make with less negative impact on communities and the environment.