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November 13-15 | Las Vegas | Digital


AU 2023
Media & Entertainment

10,000+ attendees. 600+ learning sessions. 3 days of innovation. Hear from influential leaders at Artists EquityThe MillMikros AnimationShadowMachine, and more.


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Elevate your Skillset and Master Your Craft with Spotlight Classes


Exploring Maya's Workflows for Character Animation

In this class, you’ll explore a variety of features and toolsets inside Maya that can be leveraged by artists to create compelling and engaging animated performances, in sometimes unexpected ways.


The ABC's of USD

It’s 2023 and you’ve been wondering “WTF is USD?” You’re not alone! In this class, get some background on what Universal Scene Description is, where it came from and why you want to be using it. 


Maya and ZBrush Together: An Intro Guide for Indie Artists

This course will teach you how to use Maya and ZBrush to create beautiful 3D assets efficiently - from creating basic meshes, adding textures, applying them to Arnold shaders and more.


ASWF + AOUSD – Using Open Source as a Competitive Advantage

Learn how the film industry came together to embrace open source, how it led Autodesk to become a founding member of the Academy Software Foundation and the Alliance for Open USD, and why open source could be for your company.


Autodesk Flow: Using the Power of the Cloud Across the Production Pipeline

Learn how Autodesk's cloud-based platform for M&E will add value to your studio's digital transformation journey by connecting workflows, data, and teams across the entire production lifecycle from initial concept to final delivery.


Eight-Step System Behind Perfect Architectural Visualization

Get a step-by-step breakdown on composition, camera setup, lighting, color balance, materials, assets, storytelling, and postproduction for successful architectural visualization. 

Image courtesy of Hussein Ahmed

Crafting the Future: Realistic 3D Assets for Sustainable Design with Target

Digital models are the key to unlocking improved sustainability and lower costs in product design. Explore groundbreaking techniques for creating realistic 3D assets using 3ds Max and Maya that designers can trust and rely on, eliminating the need for physical samples.


AI-Powered Workflows in Maya: Leveraging Large Language Models for Intuitive Interactions

Discover how Autodesk is connecting AI with content creation tools and how large language models and natural language processing was utilized to make it easier for artists to interact and create intuitively in Maya.


Booleans: True or False?

Get an in-depth look at the new Boolean and Array modifiers in 3ds Max and how their non-destructive workflows can improve the flexibility of your project pipeline.  


Get Inspired by Visionary Theater Talks


The Next Frontier of Film & TV Production

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The State of Design and Make


The Next-Generation of Work


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AU 2023

Ignite Your Passion with Must-See Keynotes


General Session Day 1

Our industries are changing faster than ever. And though the uncertainty we’re all facing is accelerating, so is the technology available to us all. Join Autodesk President and CEO Andrew Anagnost and special guests like EVP of Entertainment and Media Solutions, Diana Colella, as they show how our Design & Make Platform is taking us closer to the cusp of a new era, one where technology will unleash productivity and creativity.

General Session Day 2

It is well established that our industries are changing faster than ever. Although change is inevitable, how you respond to change is a choice. Change can be forced upon you. Or you can be a force of change. In this session, Autodesk’s COO, Steve Blum, will unpack inspiring stories of change and impact that are guaranteed to inspire.


Build Connections with Digital Meetups

AU-ing from home? Enroll in the Women in AnimationQWEERTY Gamers or Maya, 3ds Max & Arnold Ask-Stravaganza digital meetups. These meetups are a space where everyone, regardless of background or skill level, can come together to learn, grow, and thrive.


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