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Working Effectively with Very, Very Large Data Sets in AutoCAD Map 3D Enterprise

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    If you think that your Industry Model application in AutoCAD Map 3D Enterprise software is running slowly and you're tired of looking at the hourglass while you edit data, launch a form, or generate graphics, this class is for you. The AutoCAD Map 3D Enterprise databases grow fast in features count and complexity of relationships. It is not uncommon to see enterprise implementations with complex models (50 to 100 feature classes) and millions of features in each class. Should your application slow down when more data is added? Absolutely not. In this class we will demonstrate and discuss many practical tips and tools that will help you to optimize the system's performance and improve the user experience. We also hope you will share with us your experiences of optimizing the AutoCAD Map 3D Enterprise Industry Model application for small or large databases.

    Key Learnings

    • Recognize performance impacting issues in implementing the AutoCAD Map 3D Enterprise software applications
    • Understand tools and techniques that can improve your AutoCAD Map 3D software application performance
    • Learn from real-world implementation experience of Autodesk Consulting, Autodesk partners, and your peers in the class
    • Learn and share tips and tricks about improving performance and developing effective practices