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Roundtable    DV1558-R
A Venture Down the Rabbit Hole: Getting Started with Programming in AutoCAD
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Have you ever found yourself at your desk wondering if there is a better way to work? Maybe you downloaded an AutoLISP® or VBA program in the hope that it would make you more efficient, only to find out it does not work quite like you had hoped. Many of the features that you use on a daily basis in AutoCAD can be combined with external data sources to automate the flow of design data upstream and downstream. This class introduces you to the various programming languages and interfaces that can be used to automate tasks and create new workflows in AutoCAD.

Key Learnings

  • List the available development tools
  • List the programming languages that AutoCAD supports
  • Choose the programming language that is right for you
  • Load and execute sample code for the various programming languages


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