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Vault Preventative SQL Maintenance – Maintaining a healthy database

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    If looking to improve the general health of your Vault SQL Server implementation, improve performance, or automate backups, this course is for you. It’s geared towards Vault administrators looking to improve maintenance in their SQL Server environments using SQL Server Maintenance Plans. As maintenance plans are not something that is installed or implemented with out of the box solutions from Autodesk or Microsoft, we will provide a suggested solution for use with SQL Server. We will cover the basics of implementing a SQL Server maintenance plan to keep Autodesk Vault SQL Server Databases running at their most optimum levels, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and beyond. Users will have a base maintenance plan to get started and will walk away with the knowledge to modify that plan to suit their own unique environments. This session features Vault Professional, Vault Basic, and Vault Workgroup.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand what a maintenance plan is and why they are needed
    • Create a maintenance plan that can be utilized in any environment
    • Know at a high level the intricacies of the maintenance plan (understanding/options)
    • Adjust the maintenance plan as needed for each business unit/organization (customization)