Lecture    PL2134
Vault Features You Aren't Using, But Need to Be
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What you do know is that your team has embraced the powerful functionality that the Vault line of products has to offer. What you do not know is that your team has only scratched the surface. Right under your fingertips, already installed on your machines, lies functionality that can have a drastic impact on the way you work. Increase productivity, reduce employee stress, and maximize output by learning about functionality that exists in our products today. Attend this class and we will show you some of the most powerful features in the product that you likely aren't using. This class features several demonstrations using real-world examples. It is time to use Vault software to its full potential. This class applies to all Vault packages and spans several releases.

Key Learnings

  • Use a broader set of Vault functionality that is just waiting to be explored
  • Use better methods to organize and manage Vault data
  • Improve team productivity using a set of tips and tricks that increase accessibility and data discoverability
  • Use real-world examples and class documentation to educate your team



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