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Vault Extensions Snorkeling—First Touch to Vault Extension and Automation Programming

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    Vault data management software isn't just a single program; it's a framework, composed of many pieces like CAD add-in or Vault Explorer (Client) working together. You can customize some of these pieces and not others. This class will discuss the various ways to customize and integrate with Vault, including Vault Data Standard advanced scripting layer and Vault application programming interface. Following samples of standalone applications interacting with Vault, jobs automating repetitive tasks, or event handlers extending workflows, you can get started scripting and coding your own first extensions.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand different concepts accessing Vault software’s scripting and programming interface for customizing and automation
    • Learn how to reuse sample code for your first stand-alone automation/interaction with Vault
    • Learn how to replace a cumbersome task implementing your first custom job
    • Discover how to use workflow events to vitalize a code template and solve one of the most frequently asked requirements: check that the current user is really enabled to do what he or she is trying to do