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Unleashing the Power of ICM to Understand Risk of Environmental Impact

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    Understanding how a sewer network impacts the environment in wet weather is a complex challenge. Sydney Water needs data to prioritize capital investment based on "risk” of impact to the flora/fauna or socially sensitive sites. Sewer overflow structures' discharge rates are extremely variable in their performance (hydraulic and water quality). To comprehend the risk of impact, a fully integrated single ICM model of the area (200 km2) was developed, with sewer pipes (1D) and stormwater pipes (1D), and receiving tidal estuary (2D). This calibrated model simulated hydraulics and water-quality parameters unique to each 1D/2D system. Due to the size of the model and the need to run a 10-year time series, cloud computing was used, which substantially increased run time. The outputs were coupled with the "value” of the receiving environment (for example, swimming beaches). Come to this session to see the real value that an integrated ICM model can bring to the assessment of risk of impact to the receiving environment.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the capabilities of ICM to undertake 1D/2D hydraulic and water-quality analysis.
    • Learn the value of not dumbing data down when undertaking modeling across many platforms.
    • Explore risk-based decision making: using ICM model/data in a geospatial environmental risk model.
    • Discover the value of a complete model and the complex hydraulic interactions between all the systems and impact on performance.