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Strategic Planning for the CAD/BIM Manager

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    In today's ultra-competitive market, executing a good strategic plan makes the difference between being out in front or just keeping pace with the competition. All too often those great, well thought out plans stumble during execution because they were poorly understood or poorly communicated downstream. Who takes the blame for that? You do. Here's how to save time, save money, and save frustration: If you understand where your company is headed and how they want to get there (i.e., their strategic plan) then identifying how to support it is much easier. This class gives technology managers, like you, a basic set of tools for developing strategic plans for their teams that align with and support the overall goals of the firm. And, hopefully along with that, you can show the folks up the ladder that you understand the bigger picture and your role in it.

    Key Learnings

    • Describe what a strategic plan includes
    • Identify your company's strategic plan
    • Develop a plan for your team that aligns with the company's
    • Communicate your plan to those who matter