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Up & Running with Inventor Nastran Nonlinear Analysis - Real World Examples

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    Session will start with real life examples demonstrating how engineers and designers like yourselves have greatly benefited from the advance use of Inventor Nastran simulation technology, within their companies. Helping them to make informed design decisions' early on and enabling them to make cost effective optimised designs with less impact on the environment, ultimately providing more time to explore what if scenarios. Real life examples will include blast loads, drop test, elastic/plastic analysis and permanent deformation. Session will continue by explaining the process of applying nonlinear analysis using a straightforward, step by step approach, supported by industry best practices with explanation and tips. In the hope to make your journey of Inventor Nastran adoption within your workplace successful. Ultimately helping you simulate complex real world scenarios early on enabling the creation of sustainable designs faster and more cost effectively.

    Key Learnings

    • Identify different types of nonlinear behaviour.
    • Apply top Inventor Nastran Nonlinear tips.
    • Design products with less impact on the environment.
    • Perform analysis using both implicit and explicit solvers.