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Put Your Mind at REST: Extend Your Application to Reality Capture

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    The reality capture group at Autodesk is working on ways to acquire, manipulate, or analyze real scene data using laser scans or photos through ReCap™ products. While several AU classes demonstrate ReCap use and workflows associated with these products, this class focuses on how to programmatically access the reality capture web API to create or extend an application. We start with a quick overview of basic photogrammetry concepts and image parameters. Then we approach the reality capture REST API and discuss how to define a photo scene from multiple photos and create a dense 3D mesh. We cover some of the advanced features that are available to customize and refine the process. Finally we conclude the class with a complete example written in PHP.

    Key Learnings

    • Identify and define basic photogrammetry concepts
    • Describe the reality capture web API
    • Create a dense 3D mesh from photos
    • Integrate the API directly into your application