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Productization for Construction, Driving Change in the Industry

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    As Industrialized Construction, Prefabrication and Modular Construction start to gain traction, how will this change the way companies work? How will traditional personas need to evolve, what new personas will be required, and what tools will they use? For instance, who is responsible for designing a “building system” and who consumes these systems when designing a building? Is this a new class of builders or is this just new means and methods applied to Construction? How can we create a more connected digital workflow that allows stakeholders to work across many levels of complexity, but not burden each user with knowing all tools and all details?

    Key Learnings

    • Describe what productization for construction is and identify appropriate elements it can be applied to
    • Understand new work, processes, and tools required to implement productization and industrialized construction
    • Identify the skills and people required to adopt new processes and tools
    • Define a meaningful proof of concept project to demonstrate the value of productization for construction