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Picking the Low-Hanging Fruits to Drive Early Adoption
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The low-hanging fruit—also known as a quick win—is an improvement that is visible, has early benefit, and can be implemented quickly after commencement of the project. It’s imperative at the beginning of projects to look for the low-hanging fruit in your cloud solution to show a return early. Picking a low-hanging fruit means early delivery, which retains stakeholder interest—and this, in turn, encourages buy-in, adoption, and subsequent subscription renewals. This class will look at the criteria for the low-hanging fruit, and investigate the benefit of starting with a quick win. We will keep the class interactive with a lot of participant engagement. This session features PLM 360 (now Fusion Lifecycle) and Fusion Lifecycle.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to identify a good build point to start implementation
  • Learn how to take a more open-minded approach when implementing
  • Learn how to keep it simple when starting the build
  • Brainstorm for quick wins—don't rule anything out


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