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My Workstation Is Better Than Yours

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    In a recent survey, the number 1 question asked by Autodesk University attendees was What hardware do I need for my Autodesk® applications? Determining the right computer hardware for running Autodesk applications is critical to getting the best performance and productivity for your company. In this class, we discuss considerations for making the best IT decisions, whether you are using a single application or multiple applications within one of the Autodesk® design and creation suites. We show you how to measure performance and optimize your systems based on results. We also share an introduction to cloud, virtualization, GPGPU (combined CPU and graphics processor computing), and mobility technology trends and discuss their real-world implications for your business.

    Key Learnings

    • List and define the considerations for selecting best IT solutions for your business
    • Use return on investment calculations to get your IT proposals approved
    • Determine the best hardware to optimize performance
    • Tune your workstation for best performance