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Mundane Tasks to Automate Using Dynamo for Civil 3D

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    The possibility to make anything can be overwhelming. Sometimes you just need a picture, a plan, or a push in the right direction. If you don’t know where to start in using Dynamo for Civil 3D, but you’re eager to know what can and cannot be easily automated, then this class is for you. In this class, we’ll walk through the specific steps of creating scripts in Dynamo for Civil 3D. These scripts will automate some of the mundane tasks you do in each of your designs. Whether that's placing a legend on multiple sheets, changing text to all upper case, turning on and off layers, adjusting line types of your design based on the type of plan sheet you are creating, or inserting trees at a specific interval along an alignment—Dynamo can do it! At the end of this class, you’ll understand the basics, and you’ll have a few time-saving tools to use within your own projects, and the knowledge of how they were created.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to import and manipulate AutoCAD objects and/or Civil 3D data
    • Learn how to identify repetitive tasks in your daily workflow
    • Learn how to produce Dynamo for Civil 3D scripts to automate repetitive tasks
    • Discover ways the Dynamo for Civil 3D community can help elevate effeciency