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Meet ProEst: Construction Estimating in the Cloud

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    As the construction industry continues to benefit from the adoption of digital tools, old-school manual estimating techniques are quickly becoming obsolete. The better way? ProEst, the latest addition to Autodesk Construction Cloud. In this session, we’ll take a closer look at how the advanced automation features of ProEst can improve bidding accuracy, reduce estimating time and increase visibility into key project metrics. We’ll demonstrate how the cloud-based ProEst platform streamlines preconstruction workflows to save time and money—and how your teams can benefit from new levels of connectivity and collaboration.

    Key Learnings

    • 1. Discover how the cloud-based ProEst estimating platform keeps teams connected and collaborating, anytime, anywhere.
    • 2. See why ProEst’s multiple cost database options help drive more competitive project proposals.
    • 3. Learn how ProEst improves bid accuracy by connecting digital takeoff and estimating processes.
    • 4. Learn how ProEst integration leverages BuildingConnected and Autodesk Build to create a centralized hub of project data.