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Making Models Ready for Analysis—A Hands-on Introduction to SimStudio Tools

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    In this class, you will use SimStudio Tools to change models from fully detailed, production-ready components to models that are suitable for analysis in Autodesk CFD software, Simulation Mechanical software, or Moldflow software. Production models are more finely detailed than needed for simulation analysis. This leads to either long analysis run times due to high element counts, large effort put into remodeling designs into simpler forms, or often both. And that is if they run at all! You will use SimStudio Tools to simplify an existing circuit board and enclosure design for use in an Autodesk CFD software airflow and cooling analysis. You will then use SimStudio Tools to adjust the enclosure geometry for improved cooling. This session features SimStudio and CFD.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to simplify a model by removing small features
    • Learn how to simplify a system by replacing components with simple primitives
    • Learn how to adjust a model by direct-editing existing features
    • Learn how to repair a model by healing damaged surfaces