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Land and Expand with Fusion Lifecycle
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Fusion Lifecycle implementations can be performed in a number of different ways with varying degrees of success. Due to Fusion Lifecycle software's advantage of being highly configurable, companies can implement Fusion Lifecycle by going one process at a time ("land and expand"), or by taking the whole business process at once ("world domination"). During this class, learn how Advanced Solutions and BOA Technology utilized the "land and expand" method to make Fusion Lifecycle an integral part of the BOA business process. We'll walk through how BOA started with using Fusion Lifecycle to manage the firm's change management process ("land"), and how that quickly evolved into using Fusion Lifecycle to manage assets, problem reports, color samples, and issue tracking ("expand").

Key Learnings

  • Determine methods to prioritize an implementation to affect the greatest number of people with the least amount of effort
  • Discover best practices to break your implementation into bite-sized chunks
  • Understand how to get a quick win to support return on your investment
  • Learn how to quickly build management support for expansion


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